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It’s Way CoolEr in BAGUIO

The fairytail city in the clouds

Why Baguio is so Wonderful

Reason one

The weather in Baguio is absolutly amazing. Cool spring like weather year round. It’s like air-conditioning in the sunshine. 

Reason two is so incredibly beautiful. Nestled in a magical tropical pine forest filled with flowers. It’s a magical city rising above the sea and nearby beaches up into the the cool mountain air. 

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Though the climate may be cool the people of Baguio are truely warm and freindly.


“Baguio is my home for a good reason. It’s such a wonderful place with many woderful people.”

Sean | President,

“Baguio is such an amazing place for everyone. You definintely need to experience it for yourself.”

Char | VP,

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Session Road

Baguio City, Philippines

74 661 7192