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Baguio is the place in the Philippines that has the most natural Christmas feel to it. The cool weather and pine trees certainly add to the effect. The City of Baguio does a great job of decorating for Christmas time. There are so many things to do and to see, with special events revolving around Christmas going on all around Baguio during the Christmas season.

Christmas Village

Christmas Village is one of the most popular things for people to do during Christmas time in Baguio. Not only is it a favorite attraction for visitors, but locals love it too. Each year the Christmas village is set up across from Baguio Country Club. They make artificial snow fall with snow making machines, and they put on a unique Christmas show each year which is always wonderful to watch.

Christmas at The Manor

The Manor at Camp John Hay is a fantastic place to visit at Christmas time. They do an amazing job with their decorating. The decorations in the garden area are seriously over the top. In the past it was free to visit and see the decorations in the garden. More recently though, probably after seeing the success of the Christmas village, they have started charging an admission fee. To their credit though, they have also added more to the experience with a live show and fireworks. So the admission fee is understandable considering the overall experience.

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