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Everything at Ahs-wes Vegan Restaurant and Store is 100% vegan, sugar-free, plant-based, non-dairy and egg-free. This includes; all of their dishes, desserts, frozen goods, and other grocery items. They also have gluten-free dishes and desserts.

Vegan Meals

Ahs-wes Vegan Restaurant Meals
Ahs-wes Vegan Meals

The food is amazing and there are so many choices. You’ll probably find yourself wanting to order multiple menu items. Because it is hard to decide what to get when there are so many great options.

The food is delicious and the portion sizes are good. The prices are also reasonable, ranging from budget to the midrange. Lots of non-vegan/non-vegetarians love the food from Ahs-wes. So, it’s a perfect place for everyone to eat. Vegans also love that the menu is 100% vegan. It definitely makes it so much easier when you know you can order anything you want without needing to read the ingredients, or ask about them.

Vegan Delivery & Catering

Ahs-wes Vegan Delivery and Catering
Ahs-wes Vegan Delivery and Catering

Ahs-wes has delivery which is great. So, you can conveniently order healthy vegan food whenever the mood strikes. You can also call to set up catering, or to place an order for vegan party trays.

Vegan Desserts

Ahs-wes Vegan Desserts
Ahs-wes Vegan Desserts

You want guilt-free decadence? Ahs-wes makes so many types of vegan desserts it boggles the mind. If you want healthy treats that taste delicious, they have them. You can also call in advance to get desserts for events, or request made-to-order desserts. Ahs-wes makes it possible to get just about any dessert you want, in a version that’s so much healthier.

Vegan Cakes

Ahs-wes Vegan Cakes
Ahs-wes Vegan Cakes

Holy HappyCow, cakes, cakes and more cakes. There is no need to compromise on taste or beauty to have a healthy vegan cake. Just look at the photos.

There are pretty much always freshly made cakes to choose from. So, if you’re craving cake, no problem, piece of cake.

Ahs-wes makes custom cakes for all occasions. Including; weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Christenings, Mother’s Day, and other holidays. Whatever the occasion — Ahs-wes will make you an awesome cake.


Pickup, Delivery & Catering

39 Pinsao Road, Baguio
0951 355 7055
Facebook Page


Ahs-wes was originally the popular vegetarian restaurant on Session Road called Azotea Greens. At that time the owners were Ed Joel Carlos (JC) and his wife Avelina. When they relocated to Tagaytay, Lindsel Ekid Bakidol took over the restaurant.

After Azotea Greens was renamed Ahs-wes the location moved to Nevada Square the menu was expanded and made completely vegan. Many of the original Azotea Greens menu items are still available though.

Ahs-wes remained at Nevada Square until 2020. In 2020 Ahs-wes shifted to focusing on offering pickup, delivery & catering services, and moved their location to Pinsao Road.

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