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Green Smoothie, Vegan Restaurant

Healthy Eating

Green Smoothie is and fantastic restaurant in Baguio. Vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will enjoy dining at Green Smoothie. Their menu is extensive and the food is delicious.

For vegetarians and vegans, Green Smoothie is a place where you could easily eat the majority of your meals while visiting Baguio.

For anyone living in Baguio, regularly eating a Green Smoothie would be a healthy lifestyle choice.


There are two locations, one on Session Road and one at SM Baguio. The location on Session Road has vegan café smoothie bar feel to it, and the one at SM Mall has more of a fine dining look and feel. The menus are nearly the same, and the food is wonderful at both.

Having a location at SM Baguio makes it easy to have a healthy meal, desert and drink while watching a movie or for a little picnic on the veranda or new sky garden.

Friendly Experience

The owners, management, and staff are all friendly and helpful. Making for an even more pleasant dining experience.

Contact & Delivery

You can call Green Smoothie and they will deliver. So, Green Smoothie makes eating healthy in Baguio a breeze.

Phone: 0999 679 6190


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