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Hill Station Interior


Hill Station in Baguio is an American built dancehall that has been turned into a restaurant with a hotel and a spa in the same building. It’s central centrally located up at the top of Session Road a short distance away from SM Baguio.

The style of the building is Colonial American from the period of the early 1900s. Similar to homes that you would find in North America. Especially homes in the north east and central northern portions of the United States. Mr. Burnham who designed Baguio City was from Chicago. Many of the Americans that came to build Baguio were familiar with building this style of building.


If you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t suspect that you were in the Philippines once you are inside of Hill Station. There’s a beautiful wooden double staircase that flows down to the dining hall. There are large windows surrounding the dining area looking out on the Baguio Pines and a lovely view.


Hill Station has a really nice dinning area at the bottom of the double staircase. The windows are enormous and the ambiance wonderful. It’s possible to order light for breakfast or lunch and dine more casually, but dinner is more formal and really more for fine dining.


There is a cute little cafe off the dining area, if you prefer to only have something light or would like to just enjoy a desert and beverage.


It’s an interesting place to stay if you want to stay in a building with more historical significance. One of the two North Haven spa locations in Baguio is in the same building. This makes Hill Station an interesting spot for date night including dinner and a therapeutic massage.

The location is so central that Hill Station is a great place to stay when and Baguio. Putting you right at the top of session Road and about as close as you can get to SM Baguio. A place where it’s very easy to catch a taxi, and at the same time walking distance to many of the spots that people enjoy visiting in Baguio.

So whether you’re looking for a place to stay in Baguio, a place for fine dining or to enjoy a spa treatment Hill Station definitely tops the list.

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