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Mountain Hikes

Baguio City is located at over 5000 feet in the Cordilleras mountains. In the middle of the mountains of Luzon. It’s a beautiful place to visit. If you can, you should definitely go to see the view from one of the mountains here.

There are a number of hikes and tours that you can do to the local mountains. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see a sea of clouds from the mountain tops that you visit. Making for a wonderful photo opportunity. 

Cordilleras mountain hiking destinations

  • Mt. Santo Tomas / Mount Cabuyao is in Tuba, Benguet has a road from Baguio up to the top. There is a camp ground part way up the road. With a gaurd posted at bottom of the road, driving access is not guaranteed so do further research before expecting to drive up. 
  • Mt. Tabayoc in Kabayan, Benguet is the second highest mountain in on the whole island of Luzon.
  • Mt. Kalawitan is also calle Calauit or Calawitan. It’s in Sabangan, Mt. Province is one of the highest mountain in the Philippines and has an extraordinary beautiful trail.
  • Mt. Napulauan has the Napulauan Traverse trail is an enchanting hike with its mossy forest that give it a primeval feel. Its also considered one of the most difficult mountain hikes in the Philippines.
  • Mt. Amuyao has stairways leading all the way to the top which take 4-7 hours to climb.
  • Mt. Kibungan in Kibungan, Benguet has scenic trails that pass along pine ridges and through highland villages, rice terraces, and even some mossy forest. 
  • Mt. Pack / Mt. Purgatory in Bokod, Benguet has mossy forest and beatiful views.

Bakun Trio, in Bakun, Benguet has three mountains that can be climbed from the small village base camp of Poblacion.

  1. Mt. Tenglawan know for being a long and arduous hike.
  2. Mt. Kabunian know as a place of hallowed ground.
  3. Mt. Lubo know for its dense forest.

Even in around Baguio City there are plenty high spots with wonderful views. So, if you don’t get to make it out to one of the local mountains that are popular for hiking, or driving up in some cases… then you still will have an opportunity to enjoy same amazing views while in Baguio.

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