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Diplomat Hotel Roof


Designed by the same architect for the main building of the University of Santo Tomas. Built in Baguio the “City of Pines” in 1913 high on a 17-hectare high hill property. Originally constructed as a vacation house for the American Dominican friars and the nuns to use as a retreat.

In World War II it during Japanese occupation it became a house of horrors, with many suffering the fate of rape, torture, murder and suicide. On April of 1945, American forces bombed and destroyed part of the building. After American reoccupation of the Philippines, the building was restored between 1945 and 1947.

In 1973 a remodeling turn it into the 33 room Diplomat Hotel that closed in 1987 and fell into disrepair. On July 16, 1990 a 7.7-magnitude earthquake did significant damaged to the building. As an abandoned building it continued to deteriorate for more thirty years.

Modern Attraction

In recent times the Diplomat Hotel has become a top tourist destination in Baguio. Some are drawn by the morbid history and stories of ghosts. Others come to see the beautiful views starkly contrasted with a once beautiful and now dilapidated building. The view is exceptionally beautiful from the roof. 

Future Plans

Now officially a historical site named Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park with two function halls. The halls can be rented for P200 an hour or P2,000 a day for weddings, and other events.

Haunted History

Because of the brutal World War II history, many paranormal enthusiasts consider the site to be the most haunted site in the Philippines. Haunted or not, it is still a place where some of the most atrocious inhuman acts that can be committed happened.

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