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Good Shepherd View Deck

A nice place to visit for locals and tourists alike.

View Deck

The view deck at Good Shepard is a really popular and beautiful place for taking photos in Baguio. Most people will go to Good Shepard in the day time which is a good idea if you want to buy Good Shepard products or eat there.

Jams and Other Yummy Pasalubongs

Good Shepard is where people go to buy Good Shepherd jams and other popular foods made in Baguio. Officially the only place you are suppose to be able to buy Good Shepherd products. Baguio strawberry jam is one of the most popular things people buy to give as Pasalubongs (gifts).

Cafe and Snack Shack

Next to the purchase area they have a shack for buying coffee, food and snacks. Across the way is a shop and cafe with food, snacks and drinks.

Brewed Civet Coffee

You can even try civet coffee which is partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. It’s believed that the civets mainly eat the ones that are perfectly ripe resulting in a better coffee flavor. Unfortunately they server the coffee in a plastic wax lined cup that takes away from the flavor experience. So if you can bring your own cup.

Decked Walking and Viewing Area

By the cafe the grounds has small decked walking area to view local plants in a garden like setting.

Location & Nearby

Good Shepard is next to the Mines View attraction so it’s a good thing to do in combination with a visit to Mines View.

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