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Palengke / Vegetable Market

Public Market

Baguio Public Market (Palengke) has a great selection of locally grown produce with prices that are often 1/2 to 1/4 the price of the same thing in brand name markets. The produce is also typically fresher as well. There is also a part of the market that sells many of the basic items that you would find in a typical super market. This makes Palengke a logical, budget friendly place for Baguio residents and visitors to do their food shopping.

Attraction With Historical Significance

Palengke is so popular with visitors that it is a proper tourist attraction. It has existed in the same location almost from the inception of Baguio City.


Palengke is also one of the best places to buy strawberries. Especially during the peak season from November until May.

Souvenirs and Pasalubongs

At palengke, visitors can find a good selection of food items that work great for pasalubongs (gifts).

Palengke is also situated right next to the Maharlika Building. Maharlika has a wide variety of things to buy from; local food items, keychains, t-shirts, caps, hand crafted items, traditional Igorot clothing, and other memorabilia.

Palengke and Maharlika are actually connected making it easy for when you’re ready to shop souvenirs and pasalubongs.


Palengke is in the center of Baguio city at the base of Session Road on Magsaysay Avenue.

Palengke Hours

Unofficially – 5AM to 7PM


It is possible to place an order to be filled and delivered. From experience its not always perfect, but it is really convenient. Even considering the extra cost for the delivery and the possibility of not always getting an order perfectly correct… the cost is still almost for sure going to less than personally buying the same things at a super market.

Eating at the Market

There are a number of casual dinning places to eat at palengke. Nothing fancy but they have budget priced meals made with fresh ingredients from the market. It would be great place for a vegan cafe and juice bar, but so far no one has thought to set one up here.

Healthy Eating Nearby

From palengke if you pass though or around Maharlika you can cross the street and get to Abanao Square and on the second floor you’ll find Heaven on Earth Vegetarian Center. Heaven on Earth serves very affordable vegetarian and vegan dishes and meals.

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