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SM Baguio Mall

For Baguio locals  SM Baguio Mall is for shopping and a place to eat, catch a movie or just relax an enjoy the view.

A Worthwhile Attraction

For visitors SM Baguio is more than just a place shopping mall it’s a proper destination. Definitely a place to be seen when visiting Baguio. It’s unique and that the entire mall is under a tent and open to the air outside. It feels like you’re inside any other mall except you’re not. This becomes evident as you get to the viewing decks Or up to the top. From the top floors it’s quite clear that you’re under a tent.

Clouds and Fog Flowing Through

During certain times the clouds will flow through the mall creating a magical feel. A surprising experience when you exit the movie theater and can’t see the opposite side of the mall.


The lower floor has a grocery store and a food court. Most of the floors above that are lined with stores or with restaurants. The back in the front of the mall on all the floors except for the bottom floors have viewing decks. It’s worth seeing the view from both sides but the side that faces Burnham park and lake is the side that the new SM Sky Garden is on. The view from that side, the backside, is quite amazing.

All Weather

SM Baguio is a worthwhile place to visit regardless of the weather. Rain or shine it’s a place that you can enjoy when in Baguio. It’s a must see because it’s so unique compared to other malls in the Philippines and around the world.

If you’re only in Baguio for a short time, try to make it to the places that are better in clear weather, and then go to Baguio SM when its raining. It’s a place that’s great whether it is raining or not, but it’s a nice place to have available when the weather is less agreeable for outdoor activities. Even people who are not fond of shopping or malls will appreciate Baguio SM.

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