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BenCab Museum


BenCab museum houses the collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (BenCab). In addition the museum also exhibits work form other contemporary artists form the Philippines, and art and artifacts of cultural, and historical significance.

View From BenCab Museum
View From BenCab Museum

The Museum is a four-level building located in a beautiful natural setting by a river, and there is a garden and organic farm on the grounds. There are nice views from both inside the museum and from the back garden area. BenCab is essentially three attractions in one. The museum itself, the views from the museum and back garden area, and the Eco-Trail Tour. Be aware though that the Eco-Trail Tour requires a guide, and has a separate fee. Still two worthy attractions for one fee is still good. The Eco-Trail Tour is optional and best in clear weather.


BenCab Exhibits
BenCab Museum Photo Opportunity

The collection of Philippine contemporary art and cultural art at BenCab museum is substantial, and satisfying. The Cordillera Gallery has a collection of artifacts that help provide a look back in to the past. Giving guests a peek at the way of life for people of Cordilleras and their historical traditions, customs, including Baguio.

Cafe Sabel

On the lowest level you’ll find Cafe Sabel. The Cafe uses ingredients like basil, rosemary and coriander from the organic farm. One wish, it would be nice to have more meat and dairy free options on the menu.

Souvenirs & Pasalubongs

Cafe Sabel is where you will find jams, native chocolate, and homemade food items that make good pasalubongs (gifts).


Cafe Sabel opens out the back to the garden area. Weather permitting you can sit outside and consume any food and beverages you might buy at the cafe. It is a relaxing place for enjoying a wonderful view. When there is mist, fog or clouds settling in it’s a great vantage point for watching the flow over the landscape. If there is a breeze it can be chilly, so it’s a good idea to have something warm to put on. If you forget a hot beverage from Cafe Sabel may help.

Eco-Trail Tour

A guided tour through the farm and garden and the on to see what traditional Philippines structures, buildings and their furnishings from the Cordillera region look like. You’ll cross the river by bridge to a nature walk trail on the other side.

Location, Contact, Hours & Fees

See: BenCab Museum’s Listing

Other Attractions Nearby

Woodcarvers’ Village

A short distance up the hill from BenCab Museum is the Woodcarvers’ Village with individual shops lining the street on both sides. If you plan on buying any large carvings, then you might want to visit the museum first and the Woodcarvers’ Village second. Otherwise a good way to see both if you’re arriving with a driver, in a taxi or on a jeepney is to get dropped at the top of Woodcarvers’ Village. Then walk your way down popping into the shops along the way. Then continue on past the Woodcarvers’ Village to BenCab Museum. There are some nice views of the river along the way, and places that sell food and snacks, and even some small sit down dining options.

Hot Springs on Asin Road

A 15 minute drive further along Asin Road heading away from Baguio are a number of hot spring resorts with pools for swimming. Making for a good combination of attractions if you are interested in trying a swim in warm water up in cool mountain air after some time at the museum.

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