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Baguio City
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Rain or Shine

Cathedral & Glowing Cloud

There are cafés around and stores nearby, with Session Road just a stone's throw away. In an area that you could easily spend a...

The Manor at Camp John Hay

Mountain Lodge Nestled amidst the pristine beauty of Baguio's pine forests, The Manor stands as a beacon of luxury and elegance. With its mountain lodge-inspired...

BenCab Museum

Museum BenCab museum houses the collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (BenCab). In addition the museum also exhibits work form other contemporary artists...

Clear Weather

Diplomat Hotel Courtyard

The impetus of nature perpetually takes back the interior of the Diplomat Hotel. Reaching for the sun towering trees stand in the courtyard. The...

University of the Philippines Baguio

The entrance to UP Baguio has a guard, and access isn't guaranteed. If you do happen to be allowed to visit the campus it...

Diplomat Hotel Roof

History Designed by the same architect for the main building of the University of Santo Tomas. Built in Baguio the "City of Pines" in 1913 high on...




Everything at Ahs-wes Vegan Restaurant and Store is 100% vegan, sugar-free, plant-based, non-dairy and egg-free. This includes; all of their dishes, desserts, frozen goods,...

Hill Station Interior

History Hill Station in Baguio is an American built dancehall that has been turned into a restaurant with a hotel and a spa in the...

Forest House

Dining Forest House Bistro & Cafe is a charming place to eat, with incredible ambience. The adorable county furnishings and decorations are set in a...

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Orange Sunset From...

Sunsets in Baguio are not just lovely, but truly magical. As the day comes to a close, the sky transforms into a breathtaking canvas...

Night Fog

Night Fog: The Mystical and Enchanting Beauty of Baguio's FogBaguio is a city that is famous for its cool climate and picturesque landscapes, and...

Cool Mountain Mist

Cool Mountain Mist in Baguio: A Refreshing and Enchanting Experience! Baguio's smoky mountain mist adds a surreal feeling to the city. It's just one of...

Dark and Foggy

Dark and Foggy: A Thrilling Adventure Awaits You in Baguio Imagine walking through a dense cloud, where the world around you is reduced to a...

City Fog at...

Dawn is the perfect time to look for fog in Baguio. It's a magical sight that you will certainly remember. The fog settles in...

Starry night, City...

Baguio's Views of Starry Nights, City Lights, and Fog Visualize a starry night, shimmering city lights below, and then a layer of fog encircling you...

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