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Starry night, City Lights, and Fog

Baguio’s Views of Starry Nights, City Lights, and Fog

Visualize a starry night, shimmering city lights below, and then a layer of fog encircling you as you stare up at the night sky. You can view this particular fusion of man-made and natural components from the mountains that encircle Baguio. Visitors are in awe of the breathtaking sight.

Seeing a starry night, the city lights, and fog in Baguio is a must-do experience whether you’re a local or a visitor. You may see this breathtaking scene in Baguio at a number of locations, including Mines View Park, Mount Santo Tomas, and Mount Costa.

Photographers’ Dream

Baguio is a photographer’s paradise, with its distinctive and gorgeous surroundings ideal for taking beautiful shots. Any shot gains fresh depth and appeal when starry skies, city lights, and fog are present. To produce stunning and distinctive photographs, photographers might experiment with numerous approaches and aesthetics. Whether you are coming to enjoy taking photos of nature, or to get the some amazing selfie’s for your Instagram… you will not be disappointed.

Nature Lovers’ Paradise

In addition to offering a breathtaking view of the stars, city lights, and fog, Baguio is a haven for wildlife lovers. For those seeking to escape the heat of the lowlands, the city is well renowned for its pleasant climate and abundance of vegetation. The city’s several parks, gardens, and natural preserves, including Burnham Park, the Botanical Garden, and Mount Pulag, are open to visitors.


The combination of the starry night, city lights, and fog in Baguio is quite spectacular. With its stunning surroundings and breathtaking views, it’s a must-visit location for photographers and wildlife lovers. Whether you’re visiting Baguio as a tourist or a local, seeing this breathtaking site should be at the top of your list of things to do.

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