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New Year’s Eve

Baguio Style Fireworks

New Year’s Eve and Baguio is like nowhere else. Come midnight, there are fireworks going off in every direction. You can see the fireworks from from almost everywhere in Baguio. There are official New Year’s Eve displays that launched simultaneously. From some viewing spots, you’ll be surrounded by fireworks being launch around you in virtually every direction.

Fireworks Absolutely Everywhere

Besides the official firework displays, the residents a Baguio take New Year’s Eve quite seriously. We’re not talking bottle rockets and firecrackers, they are launching rockets that are often on par with the official fireworks displays.

Viewing Places

The experience is different depending on where you watch from. You can watch from the valley and have fireworks going off all around you. You can also watch from places that have view that looks over Baguio and have amazing an overview of all the action.

A good place to go to watch the fireworks where you can see them going off in every direction is Burnham Park. You can even rent a boat to watch the fireworks from Burnham Lake.

From places that are higher up with an expansive view of Baguio City you will be able to see fireworks going off all over Baguio. Combine watching the fireworks with an already amazing view of Baguio City and the surrounding mountains… and that’s an experience.

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