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American Style Houses

House Design and History

Many of the houses in Baguio were built by the Americans when they were in the Philippines. The construction style continues to this day for many new homes. The houses are recognizably like homes that were built in the United States back in the early 1900s. The older homes were constructed really well. Many have gorgeous hardwood plank floors. Because of the cool climate Baguio homes often have fireplaces. Something that you will not see throughout most of the rest of the Philippines. Some thing that often surprises people from outside the Philippines who think of the Philippines as only being tropical and hot.

Baguio Houses as Attractions

The houses in Baguio alone make Baguio an interesting place to visit for Filipinos coming from other places. For people coming from places outside the Philippines who have never been to the United States it’s also an interesting experience to see American style homes nestled in the mountains of the Philippines. Even for Americans it can be a strange experience to see homes built in an early in American style someplace out of the United States.

Converted Houses to See

There are many tourist spots and restaurants that have been converted from these Baguio homes. So when visiting you will have a chance to see them from the inside as well.

To name a few:

Another place that wasn’t actually at home but was a dancehall for the Americans, that is built in the same style is Hill Station. Hill Station is up at the top of Session Rd, close to SM Baguio. Making it a place that’s easy to visit while you’re in Baguio.

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