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Cathedral & Glowing Cloud

There are cafés around and stores nearby, with Session Road just a stone’s throw away. In an area that you could easily spend a whole day.

Whether you’re religious or not, Baguio Cathedral is definitely a place to see. From the outside or from the inside or during a service on Sunday… Baguio Cathedral is definitely a place to be.

A most popular tourist spot, right in the center of town. A historical place, built during Baguio’s inception. An iconic attraction, easily recognized by everyone who knows Baguio. So make sure to take some photos to remember the occasion.

It’s next to Porta Vaga Mall, which is owned by the church. On the same Street as City Light Hotel and Restaurant… with Emilio Aguinaldo Park and Museum just a little further down the street.

It’s not far from SM Baguio, or from Hill Station with North Haven Spa. All right there, by where you are, when you’re visiting Cathedral. So, make sure to see it during your stay. Because Baguio Cathedral is where many fun things are, that you’ll still remember when you go away.

Baguio™ is a great place for Baguio residents and tourists to discover; things to do, places to go, and places to eat in Baguio.

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