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Pines, Fog and Flowers

What is Baguio Known For?

Besides strawberries Baguio is well known for its cool weather, pine trees, fog, butterflies, and flowers. It’s a magical place to visit. A place where you feel like you’re in a Chinese fairytale. There are many wonderful natural places throughout Baguio. Places that have a natural feel even when you’re in the middle of the city.

City Nestled in Nature

Out and around the city where buildings are less dense you will experience the true nature of Baguio. Baguio has grown up over the past 20 or so years and is a busy and more crowded city. Many of the people who visited Baguio years ago miss the natural slow paced Baguio. Some of the locals have moved to some of the surrounding cities. Baguio because of the growth now provides a little bit of both worlds. A city that has most anything that you would want surrounded by mountains and nature.

Unique and Interesting Place

Baguio is a very interesting place for people who are used to a tropical climate and environment. With pine trees and lots of flowers. So many flowers that the big festival and Baguio called Panagbenga is known as the flower festival. All the floats for the parade are covered completely with flowers. The theme of the celebration mostly relates to flowers, strawberries and nature, and pays tribute to the indigenous peoples of the mountains.

Baguio Fog

It’s possible that you may see the fog in Baguio anytime of the year, but it is more common during the rainy season. In some places you might want to avoid the rainy season but in Baguio the rainy season has its own charm.

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