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Drone Regulations

Drone Regulations

  • Pilot can operate only one drone at a time
  • Maximum pilot to drone distance operation is 500 meters (1640 feet)
  • No transportation of living creatures with drones
  • Pilot not under the influence of faculty impairing drug, including alcohol
  • No drone operation in vicinity of national government offices
  • Follow drone regulations for all relevant levels of government, including:


The Baguio City Mayor is authorized to exempt any person from the application of Baguio City Drone Regulation. Provided that, the following requirements, limits and other conditions are met:

  1. Maximum lateral distance of less than 30 meters (100 feet) from vehicles, the public, including spectators, bystanders or any person not associated with the operation of the drone.
  2. Any person conducting drone operations shall obtain permission from the owners of the property on which the drone intends to launch from or land on.
  3. No person shall operate a drone using a first person view device unless a visual observer who is not using a first person view device is providing sense and avoid functions at all times during flight and for non-recreational purposes, including business or academic operations such as aerial photography, filming, surveying, agriculture, observation, advertising research and development, drone operators are required to apply for special permits with the city Permits and Licensing Division for the conduct of the same.


Any person who violates the provisions of the ordinance shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than one week but not more than one month or a fine of not less than P1,000 but not more than P5,000, or both, upon the discretion of the court.

In addition, the ordinance stipulated that the criminal penalties specified shall be imposed whenever possible.

If the violator is a juridical entity, the managing officers and other persons responsible for any violation shall be liable for the penalties prescribed by the local legislative measure.

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