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Baguio SM | Sky Garden

Baguio Sky Garden opened in September of 2020. It’s at the top viewing area of SM Mall. The view from the sky Garden is better than what is available from the mall in the past. So for anyone who has been to Baguio SM mall before and seen the view you will be surprised how much better the view is from the new Sky Garden.

SM Baguio has been a favorite spot for people to visit while and Baguio for a long time. It’s a large mall like any other mall but covered by enormous tents and completely open to the outdoor air. At times when the clouds settle down upon Baguio or the fog billows up it can sometimes be experienced flowing through the mall. Making for a surreal experience.

The Sky Garden is a wonderful place to take photos or just visit to enjoy the view. It’s set up well for walking and has plenty of seating areas. It’s also nice for children because they have a playground there. There’s a café right by the entrance. You can also buy meals throughout the mall and take it to the Sky Garden to enjoy a picnic with a view.

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