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Night Market – Ukay-ukay

Popular with Baguio residents and visitors alike. The night market has always been a favorite thing to do in the evening. It’s a great place to get some really nice things at for a good price. It’s one of the largest places to find bargains in the Philippines.

Lots of Great Deals

The night market has an enormous selection of new and used clothing. Most of the used clothing is in excellent condition. There are many other things for sale too. Including things made in Baguio or in one of the nearby mountain communities. So, it’s a great place to do some shopping for gifts and pasalubongs. The gift possibilities abound, with plenty of; clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, gadgets, toys, and souvenirs to choose from.

The value for the money is so good at Baguio Night Market that the savings on things bought there could in some cases even offset the cost of one’s stay in Baguio.

Hours of Opperation

Other than during emergency situations like an approaching typhoon or GCQ or MGCQ the Night Market is opens every evening. One side of Harrison road is closed from 9pm until 4am to allow the Night Market vendors to set up and breakdown. Most vendors are there from 9pm until at least midnight with many of the staying until 2am.

The Value of Night Market to Baguio City

There are over 1000 vendors selling at the night market, with each vendor paying 50php per night for their slot. Their low overhead certainly helps make it possible for them to offer their goods at reasonable prices. Which is great for everyone.

Typically Baguio City receives between 1 and 2 million pesos a month from the vendors. The Night Market is a big attraction for Baguio, enhancing the stay for many of Baguio’s visitors. The visitors also spend money on lots of other things during their stay. So, in reality the night market benefits lots of other businesses in Baguio, and increases the city’s revenue in many indirect ways.

Baguio™ is a great place for Baguio residents and tourists to discover; things to do, places to go, and places to eat in Baguio.

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